Tuesday, May 03, 2005


A very cool service just started. I got on their email list a few weeks ago, and today they launched their new service, Backpackit.com.

Go to http://backpackit.com and sign up. The "free" tier gives you plenty of services.

You can see the examples page for the kinds of things you can do.

It's for keeping notes, journals, to-do lists, email reminders, photos, files, etc. It can be for your personal info, or pages you share just with friends, or public pages for the world to see. It's very fast and responsive.

You can do cool things like email notes to a page. That means that if you have a project with a few friends, you can all email notes to the secret squirrel address for that page, and everyone's notes will automatically be added. Great way to collaborate.

As a programmer, I like that it uses dynamic JavaScript to keep everything snappy and real-time. No page reloading. Anyway, check it out. And sign up for an account so I can later invite you to private pages.